A dedicated entrepreneur


Early Beginnings

From early on in his youth, Josh showed interested in entrepreneurship. He sought to learn from other experienced business owners with the dream of eventually becoming a founder himself. After college, Josh worked as a stock trader for close to a year before leaving to pursue his ambitions in the entertainment business in New York and eventually, Los Angeles. There, he tried his hand as an actor and film producer, and also had experience working for a talent agency, casted several independent films, and recruited writers and scripts for a management/production company.

Josh became enamored with real estate and eventually got his real estate license, but realized that the sales side of the business wasn’t for him. While trying to find himself, he got a substitute teaching credential and eventually fell into a role as full time teacher after filling in as a sub one day.

The Beginning of an Era - Launch of BiggerPOckets


While teaching, his brother encouraged him to look at some investment properties, and he caught the bug, eventually purchasing several small apartments thousands of miles from his home in California. The challenges of landlording led Josh to seek out advice and, unable to find anything online that didn’t feel slimy, he founded BiggerPockets, the role he is best known for. Josh served as CEO of the company, which he bootstrapped and grew over 14 years before recapitalizing the business with a private equity partner and stepped down from the day to day operations to serve on the company’s board in November of 2018.

Josh has helped millions of small entrepreneurs in the real estate space, along with countless others with personal finance, self-empowerment, and real estate investing knowledge via the community, website, podcast, videos, other content and publishing business. In his time as publisher, Josh published 15 books, many of which remain the top books in their categories, including 10 of the top 20 real estate books on Amazon.

Today he serves on the company’s board and will occasionally return to the BiggerPockets Podcast, one of the top 150 podcasts in the world (and top 10-15 in business), which he grew and hosted weekly for its first 5 years.

Looking Forward

In his free time, Josh mentors and advises other entrepreneurs and is always seeking new opportunities to be helpful in the startup space; he is also a passionate speaker on the topic of startups and bootstrapping. He is open to opportunities around entrepreneurship, and advising, is always seeking good investment deals, loves pumping up the crowd as a speaker, and more than anything, loves hanging out with his family and seeking out new, exciting adventures.

Central Park

Family First

“Family has been the most important component of my life and I put my wife and kids before everything else”

BigBrothers Big Sisters

Giving Back

Josh is passionate about giving back, and has donated to causes around education, children’s health & well-being, international aid and entrepreneurship.